Mechanical Modelling Training

The process of converting 2D drawings, sketches or concepts into live 3D models is known as mechanical modeling. India, a leader in mechanical engineering services can seamlessly convert your products or components into 3D mechanical animations that match your exact specifications and requirements.

Apart from huge cost savings, outsourcing 3D mechanical modeling to India can give you access to the skills of talented 3D modelers, drafters and engineers. Indian mechanical engineers are not only experienced in 3D modeling, but also have extensive knowledge in using the latest technology available in the field of mechanical modeling.


overview of Mechanical CAD Modelling Training






Product modeling

With the aid of product modeling, a realistic touch can be rendered to an object. Product modeling generally consists of product analysis, material specification, 3D modeling, rendering, material application of the product and rapid prototyping. Indian mechanical service providers strictly adhere to customer specifications while creating the prototype model, so that the final 3D model exactly meets the requirements of the customer.

Machine modeling

Experienced mechanical engineers from India can design and develop spare parts, objects, machine components etc and provide the model with a realistic feel. Moreover, Indian mechanical service providers like Flatworld Solutions always ensure that their mechanical modeling services are on par with international standards. All you have to do is share your requirements and a team in India will conceptualize, design and model your machine component as per your exact specifications.


Who should go for this Mechanical CAD Modelling Course?

  • Students who are undergoing / completed Degree / Diploma in Mechanical / Production / Automobile Engineering

  • ITI Mechanical Draftsman

  • Faculty / Working Professionals

What do you get?

Placement Training

Get complimentary access to placement training to ace your internship/job hunt.

Industrial Project

Learn to create a library management system and a form validator using C & C++.

Hands-On Exercises

Your training is packed with assignments, assessment tests, code challenges, exercises.

Certified Training

At the end of your training program, you will be awarded certificate of completion.

Mechanical  modelling software's

About This Course

Thiranz, Mechanical CAD Modelling training centre, offers the following Training course: 

  • CAD Modelling and Animation – To develop 3D, animated movie of product design

  • Assembly Design – To design parts and assemble them

  • Sheet Metal Design – To design parts which are to be fabricated with sheet metal

  • Costing – To check the value of design against manufacturing cost

  • Product Data Management – To repurpose design data in a safe manner

  • Weldment Design – To model welded structures with standard structural members

  • Tolerance Analysis - To analyse the tolerance level of each part individually and of parts when functioning collectively

  • CAD Library – To turn up productivity by using CAD library

  • Interference Check – To check how all the parts fit among themselves and operate according to the requirement

This Mechanical CAD Modelling training course provides training to use basic modelling RENDER TOOL, SURFACE MODELING, SHEET METAL, WELDMENT, MOLDING, ASSEMBLY, ANIMATION, SIMULATION.


As we are an Mechanical CAD Modelling training centre, on completion of the course, we provide an opportunity for students to take an Internship. After Internship in mechanical CAD Modelling, students and professionals may add this Internship certification to their résumé, which will be to their advantage while applying for drafting jobs.

Our Mechanical CAD Modelling training course is divided equally between theory and practical sessions. We offer workbooks that include easy exercises to comprehensively grasp the course material. Our industry-experienced trainers follow a project-based training approach that covers every aspect of the software in detail. This helps students acquire a full understanding of how each tool in the software works and can be applied.

Why Enroll for Mechanical CAD Modelling Training?

  • If you are going to work in solid design, then knowing at least one leading 3D modeling program is pretty important.

  •  Many hiring managers and HR departments are reluctant to accept an applicant with experience mainly in modeling software other than the  one in use.

  •  drawing a cross section and then moving it through space in some way. Then put the parts together in an assembly. Then, generate a drawing.

  • you were modeling a basic, old-fashioned stapler, you would want the entire staple mechanism, plus the plate where you put your hand, to stay at the front. You would want the hinge and everything related to it to stay at the back. If you model correctly, and then lengthen the entire model, you should see the whole thing grow at the middle.

Future Scope of This Course

On completing this Modelling training course, students and professionals can apply for design jobs with designations such as catia, nx cad, solidworks, Fusion 360. 3D CAD modeling software are essential tools in helping mechanical designers and engineers to create the CAD models of the design intent. These CAD models are used for creating the 2D drawing for manufacturing the parts.